Ultimate List of The Best UK Money Blogs

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I am of course not the only money blogger in the UK – there’s a whole bunch of us!

Please check out all of the amazing money blogs listed below – they are an amazing, friendly, helpful bunch who I love. They will help you get your finances on track, earning extra money, saving money and having fun whilst doing it.

I asked them to give their best money tip too, in the hope that you will be inspired whilst reading through!

Looking After Your Pennies

I blog about eco-friendly personal finance. I write about making money, saving money, frugal living and looking after the planet.

Best Money Tip: Talk about money all the time. What you spending, what you are saving, what you are going to do next. That way your are more likely to look after it.

The Female Money Doctor

I am an NHS GP who has a specialist interest in how money affects our mental health and well-being. I write about saving, budgeting and investing.

Best Money Tip: My best tip is to have an emergency fund in place at all times- you never know when it’ll be handy, and it keeps you out of debt!

The Diary of a Frugal Family

I blog about family money saving and how my family is learning to love a fabulously frugal lifestyle, making memories and having as much fun as possible along the way.

Best Money Tip: My top tip to save money is to Meal Plan and Batch Cook wherever possible as it really will save you money as well as time!

Debt Camel

Debt Camel covers everything about debt and credit ratings, from problems such as payday loans and debt collectors, good debt such as mortgages and tips for clearing your debts faster.

Best Money Tip: Try to think of a car as a means of transport, not a status symbol. Go for a reliable make and plan to keep it for many, many years!

Mums Savvy Savings

I blog about personal finance and how to make the most of what you have. Blog posts includes money saving tips and ideas on how to make money.

Best Money Tip: Buy yellow sticker reduced food – I am not precious over food dates and know that I save serious money if I shop yellow stickers!

Bee Money Savvy

Bee Money Savvy was created by Emma in 2017 to help her fellow millennial’s, aspiring home buyers and anyone looking to start their own journey to financial freedom. On Bee Money Savvy you’ll find freebies, money saving tips and opportunities to earn more money!

Best Money Tip: It’s the most over looked but could save you £100’s! Look into how much you’re spending on (energy, broadband, etc.) bills & see if you can reduce them!

Be Clever With Your Cash

Andy set up Be Clever With Your Cash in 2014 and it’s twice been chosen as Financial Blog of the Year at the Headlinemoney awards.

Best Money Tip: Clear an afternoon and work through some big money savers such as fixing energy and switching bank. You’ll make hundreds of pounds in just a few hours.

I Beat Debt

I share all things money making and saving.

Best Money Tip: If you are struggling-don’t hide your head in the sand. Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness and a lot more people have money concerns than you might think.

Inspiring Life Design

At Inspiring Life Design I help others achieve financial freedom & the lifestyle they desire, by writing about my own journey to financial freedom, sharing different ways to make money. My personal goal is to be financially independent within the next 7 years, which means I’d never have to work for anyone else again. Topics regularly include how to make money, how to save money, how to plan for financial freedom and inspirational lifestyle ideas.

Best Money Tip: Plan ahead for large annual expenses such as car insurance, home insurance and Christmas by working out how much these cost annually and putting a monthly amount of money aside to cover these. Helps stop nasty surprises!

Earning by the Sea

Earning By The Sea covers ways to make & save money at home.

Best Money Tip: For those that want to work from home – create several income streams so you’re never without work.


At lousnews I cover everything money, saving while at university, coping with mental health and money and so much more! Taking life one step at a time and enjoying every second.

Best Money Tip: Save for a rainy day, you never know what’s around the corner and you might need that safety net!

Pounds and Sense

My blog covers making money, saving money and investing from an over-50s perspective.

Best Money Tip: Don’t be over-cautious with your savings. Yes, everyone should have some easily accessible cash for emergencies, but in the longer term investing in stocks and shares has historically generated much better overall returns.

Mama Fur Fur

My blog is helping people achieve financial and time freedom, to live their dream live ultimately with the balance they wish. I feature smarter money, spending and saving strategies as well as lifestyle strategies. Up for two UK Money blogger awards this year too, which is just amazing.

Best Money Tip: Save and invest even £1 each month and start passive income. Teach even your kids to do it too

The Money Panel

My blog helps women to feel more confident when dealing with their relationship with money and the practical steps to feel less financial overwhelm.

Best Money Tip: Gain as much financial insight as possible before asking yourself where you could save money. Strip everything back, get financially naked. Then create yourself a spending plan in line with your values and priorities. Forget keeping up with the Jones’ and focus on your own financial well-being.

Mum on a Budget

Nicola blogs at Mum on a Budget – having given up her job as an Accountant in order to stay at home with her two young kids, she loves sharing her tips on how to life well on a restricted budget.

Best Money Tip: Live minimally – think really hard about whether or not you need something before you buy it. And if you really do need it, you can save a fortune by buying second hand.

Your Money Sorted

Eileen from Your Money Sorted blogs about money and how women can become happier, healthier and wealthier with more money for the stuff they love. Recently shortlisted for Best Personal Finance blog in the UK Money Bloggers awards, Your Money Sorted is well worth checking out!

Best Money Tip: Don’t ever compare yourself to others! Focus on what makes you happy and what your priorities are, and spend your money on what means the most to you. Forget what other people spend their money on – they are probably up to their ears in debt anyway!

Household Money Saving

A blog that looks at various ways to make money and save on your household bills. There are plenty of tips for working families on how to cut their costs.

Best Money Tip: Don’t let any of your contracts automatically renew. Once they expire, you can always negotiate a better price or move elsewhere.

My Money Cottage

Clare from My Money Cottage focuses on helping families to cut back on their spending whilst still enjoying life. Having been made redundant twice, Clare also shares her top tips for making extra money and not relying on one source of income.

Best Money Tip: Budget for everything and make sure you include stashing some money into savings into your budget. Never spend more than you can afford.

Mone Nest

Sam Jefferies helps 20-30yr olds make better financial decisions.

Best Money Tip: Always be seeking out ways to grow your income.

Time and Pence

Michelle writes about ways to make extra money, ways to save money as well as organising and decluttering hacks for busy moms!

Best Money Tip: Spend your money on experiences and time with your family instead of spending it on ‘stuff’.

Lylia Rose

Lylia Rose is a UK lifestyle blog that also covers lots of money topics including how to make money blogging, online and from apps.

Best Money Tip: Work out your incomings and outgoings each month and set a realistic amount aside for savings. Transfer this amount to savings as soon as you get paid and leave it there!

The Frugal Cottage

I write about money saving, budgeting and early retirement.

Best Money Tip: Create a flexible budget and start saving as soon as you can. Little and often adds up!

Mrs Mummypenny

My website is all about healthy wealth, body and mind. If we could fix the three of these areas then we would be happy people.

Best Money Tip: Open up a chip account and siphon off money into a separate savings account. You don’t even notice it going, then suddenly you have a nice chunk of money set aside for christmas, birthdays etc.

Ruth Makes Money

I help people to find genuine ways to create online income streams and live their freedom lifestyle, whether they want to earn a little extra cash each month or ditch their 9-5 for good. I’ve been self employed for 8 years and I share what works, what doesn’t, and everything that I wish I’d known from the start.

Recently shortlisted for Best New Blog, Best Money Making Blog, and Best Blog Post.

Best Money Tip: Find a side hustle that you love, that builds your skills, lights you up, and earns you an income in your spare time. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve outside of the traditional world of work and where it can lead.

The Money Saving Mum

A family focused money blog helping you to live the good life for less!

Best Money Tip: Make sure you get value for money. Don’t go for cheap if it’s not going to last but invest wisely.

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Shoestring Cottage

At Shoestring Cottage we embrace and enjoy a more frugal lifestyle, wasting nothing, making do and mending, growing our own food, cooking healthy and nutritious meals for less, buying second-hand and making the most of every penny we have. We also aim to live a sustainable life and share the journey on the blog.

Best Money Tip: My tip is to stop trying to keep up with anyone else and learn to appreciate what you have. That will help you live within your means.

Money For Monday

A personal finance and lifestyle blog that gets you thinking about your relationship with money, how to save and make more of it.

Best Money Tip: Don’t judge your own financial position to that of others. Aim to a achieve financial wealth not material riches.

Thrifty Londoner

I write about millennial money and making the most of your money in London- with advice about money making and saving, and free things to do in the capital.

Best Money Tip: As soon as you get paid, put the money you would like to save into a separate account- that (hopefully) means you’ll be less likely to spend the money throughout the month.

Financially Mint

Financially Mint is about helping students understand and manage money in university. My goal: get students to graduate financially literate and ready for the adult world.

Best Money Tip: Pay Yourself First. The minute you get your paycheck, allocate 15% or more to your savings/investments. This tip has literally changed my life!

Homely Economics

Homely Economics is a blog based on frugal living, but it also offers advice on child maintenance matters.

Best Money Tip: Expense tracking – writing down everything you spend forces you to think carefully about what you buy and why you buy.


TuppennysFIREplace is all about frugal living, saving money and aiming for early retirement. Why not enjoy a fabulously frugal life and save for your future self?

Best Money Tip: Pay your future self first. You deserve to be a priority so save money for your future and then budget the rest of your money for today.

Family Budgeting

I blog about having fun family life on a budget at Family Budgeting and cover food, home, travel and parenting and a variety of money matters.

Best Money Tip: Check your bank account regularly so you know exactly where you stand – so important to be honest with yourself about money so you can budget accordingly and not overspend.

Money Saving Journeys

Money Saving Journeys shares tips on how to save money, make money and travel on a budget.

Best Money Tip: When planning our holiday, we look at both package holidays and the cost of how much it would be to ‘book it yourself’. We have made great savings this way.

Morgan Woods

Morgan shares all things money making and money saving over on her blog Morgan Woods.

Best Money Tip: The best first step to get your money in order is to write out your budget. It will show you all money you have coming in and where it goes. This gives you the opportunity to see it visually and make changes where you need to.

The Complaining Cow

Helen is the bestselling author of How To Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results! and writes about all things consumer. Laws, tips and advice on complaining effectively about most sectors, including advice on the latest consumer issues.

Best Money Tip: Always be aware of your customer rights and complain assertively to ensure you are not fobbed off and out of pocket!

My Debt Diary

Mydebtdiary follows my journey towards becoming debt free through weekly updates, shared experiences and advice based on the successes and failures that I face along the way. I try to provide readers with a source of inspiration if they are in the same position as I am, but I also try to share the reality of my journey with them and be honest when things are challenging.

Best Money Tip: Know where your money is coming from and where it is going. The best way to have control over your finances is to be fully aware of them.

Dead Simple Saving

Helps British residents and expats to save and invest their money simply, cheaply and sensibly, while avoiding all the financial bear traps and sneaky wolfsharks out there.

Top tip: Excel is your friend! Get comfortable with the basics. Then track your net worth (assets – liabilities) and savings rate (income – expenses) every month. All financial decisions link back to these (via the 4% rule).

Much More With Less

Much More With Less is about moving to the country, living on less and making the most of it. Food, family, finance, fitness and flowers, all with a frugal spin, after we made the leap from London to Suffolk. I cover how our family cuts costs and earns extra, trying to put into practice my experience of writing about personal finance for more than 14 years.

My top money saving tip is to keep a spending diary. Write down everything you spend, and it’s much easy to spot where your money is disappearing and make changes.

Capital Matters

Capital Matters is about encouraging entrepreneurship and highlighting the methods you can use to achieve financial independence. If I find a way to earn or save money, I will share it with the world. I really respect financial transparency. In line with this, I publish passive investor reports on a monthly basis. These offer a short term look on my long term investments. Similarly, I regularly publish my account combos, where I summarise the combination of accounts I hold myself. I do this to highlight how smart account management can maximise your returns. Finally, in my newest series, I spotlight UK-based individuals who are generating passive income in all sorts of ways.

My best money saving tip: Know how much money you have and know where it’s all stored. For someone who hasn’t done this before, it can be an eye opening experience. Once you know what you have, you can move on to the next step, optimisation. This is where you manage your money and put it in the best place to generate more of itself.

Stupid Is The Norm

We demonstrate how anyone who is able to work can become wealthy. I am accumulating £300,000 in 10 years.

Best Money Tip: There are only 2 ways to increase your disposable income; spend less or increase your income. The more massive action you take the more massive the effect. Most of life comes down to choices. I choose to work 70 hours per week, and I choose to not spend 70% of it

The Money Whisperer

Emma believes that financial health and wellbeing is not a luxury just for the wealthy – it’s a basic need for ALL. She writes about personal finance from a parent’s point of view.

Best Money Tip: Never auto-renew bills. Set reminders in your diary or phone for a month before renewals are due and compare suppliers to get the best deal.

Ultimate list of the UK best money blogs