Nations Energy Saving Tips 

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I’ve partnered with British Gas to help you with the cost of living crisis with tips on how to save on energy bills.

I’ve polled my followers on Instagram to find their best money saving energy tips, and I will be sharing some of my own as well!

These are the results of my polls/questions:

Q1. Are You Interested in Tips to Save Energy and Money?


Q2. What is Your Household Size?

1 person household – 8%

2 person household – 24%

3 person household – 22%

4 person household – 32%

5 person household – 10%

6 person household – 3%

8 person household – 1%

Q3. What Is Your Average Energy Bill?

British Gas have looked at the average power consumption of a house – it’s interesting to see

the average consumption in kWh and what the average annual cost could be.

These are the results of my poll:


We’re all seeing an increase in our electricity bills. British Gas has shared an article on what the energy price cap is, with more details on the rising energy prices, and how they can help reduce your bills. Hopefully the tips below can help you out too! 

Q4: What are your plans to save on heating during winter?

These are the great tips that my followers shared on how they are planning on saving on their

heating costs this winter:

● Light the fire

● Use the log burner and humidifier

● Set thermostat timer to try and maintain temp at colder times without having it on all day

● Use blankets and warm clothes

● Solar panels

● Close the curtains, even during the day 

● Turned down temperature on boiler and thermostats 

● Not have heating on as much and not using the tumble dryer 

● Using hot water bottles 

● Taking shorter showers 

● Only have the heating on when we’re in the house 

● Wear dressing gowns and socks

 ● Wear layers in the house, keep all doors closed specifically when cooking to keep the heat in 

● Insulate everything – drafts under doors, windows etc 

● Having more hot foods and drinks 

● Heated throw. Also looking at bioethanol fires 

● Slow cooker dinners 

● Turn off the heating during the night 

● Bought new lined curtains 

● We use our heated drier in our bedroom at night for a win-win – the clothes are dry and the room gets warmed up! 

● We use a smart meter and try to limit the time the heating is on for

British Gas has also put together some of their best energy saving tips!

Q5: In what ways do you save energy and money from home?

These are the great tips that my followers shared on how they are planning on saving on their

energy costs this winter and saving money from home:

● We use less, make sure things are running efficiently

● We switch the lights off

● Turn things off at plugs overnight

● We don’t leave things on standby 

● Air dry the washing as much as possible

● Use the air fryer instead of the oven

● Meal plan in advance, try not to use oven as much

● We use fairy lights instead of our normal lights 

● Using energy saving light bulbs 

● Charging phones whilst in the car 

● Slow cooker, air fryer instead of oven 

● Sometimes use clothes maiden 

● Heated clothes airer instead of tumble dryer 

● No dishwasher or tumble dryer, using energy efficient bulbs 

● Close curtains, close doors, draught excluders, hot water on for just 1 hour a day, using the eco cycle on washing machine 

● We use cashback sites, budget, have cheaper family days out

Q6: Unusual energy saving tips

These are some unusual energy saving tips my followers shared:

● Keep the oven door open after use to warm the room – but be sure to keep young children away from warm appliances

● We bought a hot cup dispenser that boils one cup at a time

● Cling film over the windows to keep heat in

● Curtain at front and back door

● Heat water on the hob instead of kettle

My Energy Saving Tips

When I’m looking at how to save money on the energy that we are using, I like to think about what appliances use energy, and then I can target each one.

As the energy bills are pretty much doubling (or more) for everyone, my thought process for our household was that we would try to reduce the energy that we had been using.

Some of the ways that my household have been saving energy are as follows:

● Using natural light as much as possible during the day – so for example, if I know that I need to take photos for work, then I will make sure I plan to do it when there is decent natural light, as if I wait until later in the day I will have to turn a lot of lights on

● Trying to stick to 2 washing loads a week

● Charging phones at the office (shh!)

● Doing more ‘offline’ things as a family, such as board game nights

● Making sure everything is turned off at the plug

● Making sure the dishwasher is full before putting on (but not too full, as don’t want it to break!)

If you are unsure about understanding your energy bill, British Gas have shared how it all works.

What are some of the ways that you are saving on energy? Let me know in the comments!

This post is in conjunction with British Gas but all thoughts are my own.