Make £1000 For The Summer Holidays (Free Email Course)

Ah, the summer holidays. Weeks of fun for the kids, but often a source of worry for us parents when it comes to all of the extra costs associated with it.

Here’s the thing:

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve put together a free email course which will help you earn extra money in time for the summer holidays. Here’s to having enough money to treat the kids, and have less stress!

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How long is the course?

The email course is over the span of 8 weeks, and there will be 2 emails per week. The reason for this is so that it’s not overwhelming, and to give you enough time to get started with the content in the emails. You can still start the email course at any time, and receive all of the emails.

What will I be doing in the course?

The things that I want to share in this email course are the best ways for you to get started earning extra money, whether that be online or offline, although it will be mainly online with the intention of being able to do it around your current commitments.

Why did you put this course together?

I know firsthand how difficult it is to get started with earning extra money. To give you a bit of context if this is the first time that you have come across me and this blog (you can read my About Me page for the long version) – I was in a really bad place financially a few years ago.

I was at home with my young daughter, and I had a job that I did from home in the evenings that paid peanuts. I was very lucky to have that job, but I had nothing left after rent and food. And I mean nothing. £0.

I tried to look for ways of earning extra money, but everything looked really spammy to me!

I wasn’t sure what to do…so I did nothing.

What I really wanted, was to come across a site that would help me specifically – someone with a young child, no spare time and no childcare.

This is the reason that I started this blog! I wanted to be that resource for people.

Anytime that someone sends me a message to say that I have changed their life, I am so happy! That is my goal, and that is what I want for you too.

I was very apprehensive about stepping into the world of earning extra money or side hustling as it’s known in this space, but once I had taken that step, I was hooked.

The thing is, to make a change in your life, you need to try new stuff. I have tried to put together my favourite ways of earning some cash that you can do to change your life too.

When I look back, getting more cash coming in changed my life in so many ways. It’s actually crazy to see how much everything has changed since I began. I am in such a good place now, and so happy.

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What does the course include?

In each email, I will be sharing all of the different ways that you can earn extra money. These will include easy things such as surveys and apps, and then gradually get into things which will require a bit more effort and can be done as a full-time job.

Is this course for UK people only?

Nope! I am based in the UK, so the majority of stuff that I talk about will be geared towards those who are also in the UK, as it is based on personal experience.

I have included in this course as many options for people in other countries, specifically the US, as possible.

Can I really make £1000 from it?

This is dependent on how much you put into it. Just signing up and reading the emails won’t earn you the extra money, sorry 😉

I believe that it is fully achievable to earn £1000 from what I show you in the course, but this will, of course, vary from person to person and depend on so many different factors.

My goal is for you to make £1000 or more from it (this is completely do-able), but at the very least you will have some extra money in your pocket.

What if I don’t have much spare time?

I can completely empathise with this as I had no spare time at all when I started on my journey.

The trick that I found worked?

Doing things that I could do at the same time as other things.

For me specifically, this meant doing things that I could do with my daughter around.

As I’m sure you know, it’s pretty hard to get stuff done with kids around! But I managed to find some things that I could try, that I share with you in this email course.

Something to bear in mind though, is that our brains love to repeat the same actions over and over again. Our brain doesn’t like to try new things and will come up with all of the excuses that it can think of to stop us from doing it.

Having no time is the number one excuse that we give ourselves, and it’s a pretty good excuse! So we accept that we have no spare time and don’t take action.

The reason that I am telling you this is because being aware of this will help you to see that is what’s happening and to push through and do the new thing anyway.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Being nervous about starting something new doesn’t mean that the new thing is bad and should be avoided – it just means that you are human. It’s part of our biology to be wary of new things, but it’s also part of our biology to want to try new things.

It’s all about pushing yourself past the excuses and getting started.



Just thought I would drop you a note now the course is done to say WOW!

The amount of work you put in and the content you made available all for free is staggering. I joined the email list slightly apprehensive about what I would receive and whether it would benefit me. I had already done most of the survey sites (am still slogging through you gov) and had never quite worked up the courage to start the be my eye site. I joined Roamler to see what was available in my area and took my daughter out with me the first day. In less than a month I made near £70!!

I still need to find the courage within myself to launch my Facebook page and tell friends and family about my photos but that’s a problem with me.

Your course was perfect for people who had been side hustling already and also for people who are total newbies.

I can’t believe the amount of information you put together for this course for free. You could market it as an ebook!

Thanks again 🙂

The course is really good. I’ve made over £500 on eBay after reading the reselling part of it (stuff I’d normally give away!)!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. Some of the sites you showed I already do but there were loads of new ideas for me to explore. I opened a Monzo account and love it as it keeps a really good track of my money. I also joined Tailster and, although I only have one booking so far it has given me the confidence to think about going it alone at some point. This has then snowballed into writing a blog so I’m going back to that email later.

All in all it has shown that there is other ways of increasing my income, I just need to explore the options.

Thank you so much!

The course has been amazing, really thought out and targeted. 

It has broken down all areas in details which has given me a full insight into what each opportunity has to offer. 

The hyper links have been great and the emails have given a vast choice of ways to make money from a users limit of view. 

Really well done xx

I’m loving receiving your emails, they’re inspiring me and through embarking on mystery shopping I’ve made over £250!

Can I still sign up for the course?

Yes, anyone can sign up at any time – you will just get them a bit later on. There are 2 emails per week.

I would love it if you share your progress with me over on Instagram. P.s I hope you like my illustration – it’s the first one I’ve ever done!

I can’t wait to see you there – Click here to sign up!


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