Money Making Side Hustle Business Ideas

100 money making side hustle business ideas

One of my favourite things to do is to make extra money. For some reason I used to think that the wage that I was earning was the best that I could do – but it really wasn’t.

Even with the little time that I have available to me every day, I still squeeze in a decent amount of side hustling and I’m able to make more and more money every month.

Earning extra money sounds like a  no brainer when it comes to paying off debt, or building a strong financial foundation – but it appears that many people are afraid of taking that first step, and can also be stuck on ideas that would best suit them.

You don’t have to be stuck at the wage you are on now – you can work from home, earn lots, run your own business and spend quality time with your family.

I have put together a list of money making side hustle ideas for creating your own business. Just remember, in the beginning you will have to work hard to get your business off the ground. Stick at it and you will reap the rewards in the future. Be your own boss and live your dreams:

  1. Mystery Shopping
    This is one of my favourite side hustles for the simple reason that I get a lot of free food out of doing it. It isn’t just restaurants that are available, but a wide range of companies and some people manage to do this as a full time job. Make sure that you only stick to companies that are well known or recommended so that you do not get caught out in a scam.
  2. Matched Betting
    Don’t skip this one – it’s not gambling so your money is safe and you are guaranteed to make money. Lots of money in fact – be sure to read my blog post which will explain it in more detail. The best thing about it? It’s tax free! It can be confusing to get your head around first which is why it is a good idea to sign up with a company that will do all of the hard work for you, as mentioned in my post.
  3. Completing surveys online
    Companies want market research, and they will pay you for it. A lot of companies don’t pay much, but there are some higher paying ones available too. Surveys are a great thing to do whenever you are sitting watching TV, on the bus etc.
    If you sign up for the high paying surveys, you can make a decent amount of money from this.
  4. Blogging
    How could I not mention blogging when I love it so much?! There are plenty of bloggers who do it as a full time job and make 6 figures. There are other bloggers who do it part time but still manage to make more than they do in their full time job! It’s perfect for you if you want to work from home and love writing. If you would like a step-by-step guide on how to set up your own blog, read more here.
  5. Pet Sitting
    Check out my post regarding this – this is a side hustle that I do, and absolutely love. You can easily make a full time income out of this, and work from home obviously as well. Pet sitting can consist of pet boarding where you have the dog (or other animal) in your house and they live with you for the period, or you could pet sit in their house and stay there whilst they are away.
  6. House Sitting
    Similar to pet sitting above, you stay in the house of the person who is away. The reason that people want house sitters is to keep burglars away. This can also save you money on your electricity, water bills etc.
  7. Website Testing
    You can get paid to test our websites – it’s a simple task of clicking through the website to find out how easy it is to use. For example, find a flight on a travel website. Sign up to WhatUsersDo and give it a go.
  8. Babysitting
    Little effort required for a decent amount of money! A lot of the time, the children will already be in bed so it’s just a case of being there in case anything happens. Get paid to watch TV basically! Or work on your other side hustles whilst you are there (such as blogging).
  9. Virtual Assistant
    When I first heard this term, I had no clue what it meant, but I assumed it to mean a virtual PA. This can be what it is, but it can be pretty much anything, such as managing a blog’s social media. There are people who have made 6 figures from doing this!
    Read this post all about how to become a virtual assistant*, from someone who has been incredibly successful from it.
  10. Landlord – Rent a room in your house
    A really simple side hustle is becoming a lodger. Even if you only have one spare room, this could net you thousands of pounds, especially if you are in a popular area. The room has to be furnished, but this can definitely be done with freebies if you keep your eye out.
  11. Sewing
    Are you a dab hand at sewing? This can be a very lucrative business if you sell your creations on places such as Etsy.
  12. Knitting
    There is always a demand for people who are good at knitting, and your creations could be sold on Etsy. You could make baby clothes, hats, gloves and more.
  13. Jewellery Making
    Do you have a passion for pretty pieces of jewellery? Look into setting up an Etsy store and selling handmade items.
  14. Baking
    Selling homemade goodies can be a really lucrative income stream – you could sell cupcakes, cakes, cater for events. Make sure you look into all of the upfront costs before you do this.
  15. Car Washing
    All you need to start is a bucket and a sponge! Pick a spot that you are allowed to wash cars in, and watch them roll in.
  16. Care-giving
    I always see adverts for caregivers – they are very much in demand and it is an incredibly rewarding job – and as it is generally 24/7 care they have flexible hours. Look on sites such as Indeed or Gumtree.
  17. Customer Service
    More jobs are being offered as work from home and this is one of them. You will need a computer and a phone and calls will be directed to you.
  18. Dog Walking
    If you don’t want to live at someone’s house or have their dog live at yours, you can still earn money from your furry friends by offering dog walking services. So many people are out at work all day and the dogs are desperate to have a run around and some fresh air – check out my post where I explain how I get clients.
    100 side hustle business ideas
  19. Driving
    Become your own taxi! You could sign up to be an official taxi driver and earn a decent wage, or there are now the more flexible options of Uber where you pick up clients whenever you are available. You need to attend training and have a car that can seat 4 people but that’s pretty much it.
  20. DJ
    One of my friends husband does this as a side gig in addition to his main job – he is booked regularly for parties and wedding – and because they are generally in the evening, it does not interfere with his main job. There is an upfront cost but the hourly rate for a DJ is very high (please just promise me that you won’t play ‘Puppy Love’!).
  21. Freelance Writing
    Since entering the blogging world, I have come across many bloggers who are also freelance writers. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t become a freelance writer without having a blog, but it certainly helps because people are able to see the quality of your writing. If you love writing, this could be a dream job for you.
  22. Ghostwriting
    Similar of course to freelance writing – but your name will not be published so this will not affect your exposure. You will be writing under the guise of another website or person – whether it be for content on their website, or even for books.
  23. Ironing
    One of those horrible household tasks that most people will pay to go away. Use this to your benefit by setting up an ironing service in your local area.
  24. Selling eBooks
    If you love writing, or even if you don’t and you have some information that you want to share – put together an eBook and self publish it on Amazon or similar.
  25. Furniture making
    Good with your hands? You could set up a furniture business and could be really successful in your niche. Upcycling has become really popular and there is a good market for second hand items.
  26. Pet Grooming
    Back to the pets again! The reason for that is because pet owners adore their pets and love to spend money on them. Dog grooming tends to be a service that people would rather pay for than do themselves and this is where you can step in.
  27. Modelling
    Even if you are not 10 foot tall and as skinny as a whippet, there are still plenty of modelling opportunities that could be available to you. I personally did a modelling shoot when I was pregnant for one of the top baby brands and from memory I think I received a few hundred pounds for a few hours work. After I had my baby they asked me to send photos in, and a client chose her for a job they had – which she also got paid a few hundred pounds for! So there you go, we are officially paid models 😉
  28. Decorating
    Handy with a paintbrush? My ex-husband is a painter/decorator and it still amazes me the amount of people that pay a decorator to paint their house. He obviously does a lot of corporate businesses, but there are so many people who just want even one room painted in their house.
  29. App Developer
    You never know, you could make the next Whatsapp or Instagram! I have heard great things about people who create a successful app and sell it on for millions. Have a brainstorming session and see what you could come up with.
  30. Sell on Fiverr*
    Fiverr is an American website that can be used by people all around the world. The general gist of it is that you can offer services for $5. These could be absolutely anything. The way that people make decent money on Fiverr* is with the upselling. So for example you could say that you do XYZ for $5. If it’s extra you say $10 for that – and so on. What services could you provide on Fiverr?
  31. Rent your driveway
    Did you know that you can rent out your driveway? If you live in a sought after area, such as near a city centre or airport, then you could rake in the cash, from doing barely anything! When we went on the Eurotunnel to Disneyland Paris, we rented a parking space in London after driving down there.
  32. Enter competitions
    In case you’re thinking, ‘what on earth is she on about, you can’t have a business entering competitions’ – you definitely can! I would recommend checking out one of my fellow bloggers Super Lucky Di who is a competition Queen.
  33. Children’s party entertainer
    If you have ever been to a kids party, chances are that they will have had an entertainer at them. There are clowns, magicians, superheros, Disney characters – one of my daughter’s friends had an Elsa and Ana who danced with the kids and painted their nails – so cute.
  34. Bouncy Castle Hire
    I had to include this one because it is a side hustle that my parents did when I was little. I am still devastated that they sold it eventually, but basically they had a giant bouncy castle that they used to hire out for parties. Relatively easy and a nice little earner. Don’t forget insurance though!
  35. Baby Group 
    When you have a little baby, you generally end up taking your child to lots of different baby groups and classes – they are very much in demand. You could set up a singing class, messy play – or just one where all of the kids play together.
  36. Wedding Items For Hire
    When I got married, I rented some items instead of buying them because it worked out much cheaper. The lady that I rented them off did her business out of her house – I had to go collect them, and return them after. Seemed like a great business idea to me!
    I also had to pay an additional deposit in case of damages. (If you are interested, the items I hired were a vintage suitcase for cards to go in, a vintage ladder and photo frames for my table plan which she also printed the names of the guests for me on).
  37. Window Cleaning
    Low start up costs, and can grow into a big business if you are good at it and get a lot of customers.
  38. Photography
    If you love photography, you could easily start a part time business and then scale it into a full time one. If you are serious about it, make sure you read into marketing, get a good website, and even start a blog.
    I have finally managed to give my best friend the push to enrol on a photography course because she would love to become a full time photographer (she’s amazing!). In the mean time, there are websites that you can send your photos to and get paid for them.
    100 side hustle business ideas
  39. Refereeing/umpiring
    For fans of sport, this can be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash whilst still being able to watch a game. A lot of the girls on my hockey team are umpires and tend to umpire one match, and then play in the next one. At higher levels the pay is even better.
  40. Rent your car
    This is great especially if you are already working from home and tend to leave your car sitting outside all day doing nothing. Rent your car out to someone who needs one temporarily and you don’t have to do much else!
  41. Cleaning
    A lot of people turn their nose up at the mention of doing cleaning as a job, but what’s so wrong with honest, manual labour?
    One of the first things that people do when they earn more money is to pay for a cleaner. So there you go – the demand is high!
  42. Alterations
    If you are a dab hand with a sewing machine, have a think about operating an alterations business. People like to stick to local, reasonably priced companies so there would definitely be people interested in this.
  43. Tutoring
    If you have the skills and knowledge, tutoring can be an amazing income earner. Parents are willing to pay lots of money to help their children out – and I know that I would not hesitate to hire a tutor if my daughter was really struggling and was beyond my helping her (I dread to think how hard the GCSE’s will be when she reaches that age!).
  44. Flip items on eBay, Facebook, Gumtree, Amazon etc
    There is a method to doing this if you want to do it well, but the basics are picking up items for super cheap (for example at car boot sales). I have an interview with an expert flipper here.
  45. Teach Courses
    Udemy is a website where people set up courses and sell them for a varying degree of prices. If you think that you are not qualified enough to run a course, you should definitely check out what people are teaching – there are so many quirky ones!
  46. Beautician
    Obviously make sure that you are qualified and go through all of the right channels for this, but this is a service which could have you working out of your home, or as a mobile beautician. One of my friends used to do this and she just did nails and spray tans.
  47. Teeth Whitening
    I’ve mentioned this one because a girl I know does this out of her house as a side hustle. She is qualified don’t worry! She charges around £50 and it takes under an hour – a pretty good hourly rate if you ask me!
  48. Instagram Marketing
    Yep, believe it or not, there is money to be made on Instagram. If you manage to get a good following, there are companies which will pay you for sponsored posts, send you free items, and give you affiliate codes/links so that if someone buys after clicking through, you will get commission.
    I am really tempted to do this myself!
  49. Teaching English
    If you are a native English speaker, this is a perfect side hustle, because a lot of the time you can just teach using conversational English – meaning, just have a chat with someone to earn some money!
    You can sign up to a website such as Cambly where you get to pick and choose which requests you answer.
  50. Fix and re-sell electronic goods
    Once some things are broken, people tend to throw them away and buy new. You can take advantage of this and mend the broken goods, and then sell on for a profit.
  51. Music Instructor
    Are you a music maestro? If you are skilled with a musical instrument, think about tutoring someone who is just starting out – it’s a fun side hustle and probably won’t even feel like work.
  52. Hairdresser
    Again, one that you must be qualified to do – you don’t want to go around dying hair if you don’t know what you are doing!
    Once you are qualified (usually a college course that you can do) you can set up your own mobile business or a salon in your home. The girl that does my hair does this, and it’s great for me as she is cheaper than a salon.
  53. Voice Overs
    There are a few companies out there who will pay you to record voice overs from the comfort of your own home. You will have to be able to work quickly, but it certainly sounds like a good side hustle to me. There are sites such as Filmless, Voice123 or
  54. Music Composition
    One of my friends was doing this as a way of earning extra money on the side, but he had such a big demand and it’s his passion, so he has now quit his job and is doing this full time. Within a month he was making much more than he was at his office job.
  55. Accounting
    There are lots of business owners who would pay you to sort out their accounts for you. My ex gets an accountant who works from home to sort out his taxes once a year.
  56. Land Flipping
    Another of my friends does this (does it sound like I have millions of friends?!) – he buys land at a good price and then gets planning permission, and sells it on for a profit. He does very well with it, and it’s not something that is really common to do.
  57. Sports Coaching
    As I have done sports for years, I have had a variety of coaches – and most of them are current or ex players. You will get more money in certain sports, but it can be a fun way of earning extra money, especially if you have a big love for the sport.
  58. Recycler
    Whilst we may not be able to do this as much here in the UK, over in the US there is a good profit to be made from collecting items to recycle (e.g. old tins or cans) and selling them on for scrap. You can of course, collect things for scrap here too and make a profit from people paying you to take it away.
    100 side hustle business ideas
  59. Personal Trainer
    Did you know that I am a qualified fitness instructor? I didn’t complete the following year which would have made me a personal trainer, because I had my daughter.
    But I am qualified to teach a class! There are lots of part time personal trainer courses that are around now, and you can do these alongside your normal work. If you have a love of fitness and going to the gym, this is a perfect one for you!
  60. Gardener
    To be a professional horticulturist is not the same as being a gardener. When I say gardening, I mean things like mowing lawns, removing weeds and other more basic work, that people will pay you for.
    Ask around, let people know you are interested and available, and this could be a great starting out side hustle business.
  61. Delivery
    If you have a car or van, delivery driving could be a great money earner for you. There are many companies that are always hiring delivery drivers, just have a look on your local Gumtree or job sites and you will find some.
    The great thing about this is that it can be very flexible. If you look into places like Domino’s, they will generally have evening shifts available.
  62. Florist
    Now this is a side hustle business that I would absolutely love to do. You could start off in a shop to get some experience, but eventually branch out and do this on the side. People always want flowers – whether that be for weddings, funerals, Valentine’s Day, or just in general!
  63. Makeup Artist
    Most of the makeup artists I know are professionals that do extra work on the side, but I do know a few who are self taught and get people asking about their makeup, and eventually are able to turn it into a side business.
  64. Handyman
    I don’t know about you, but there are always things that I need doing around my house that I just don’t have the time (or the inclination…) to do.
    If you are handy around the house, ask around for work, or advertise with leaflets or even on Facebook groups. There is always this kind of work available, and you could make decent money from it on the side.
  65. Artist
    As mentioned before, I have several friends who are talented artists (paintings, pencil drawings) who shared their pictures on social media, and got a fantastic response so they are now selling their work and have even had a gallery display.
  66. Meal Delivery
    Like I mentioned above with Domino’s, delivering food is a great option that has exploded recently. I’m sure you will have seen mopeds and bicycles whizzing around delivering for companies like Domino’s or Deliveroo. They are always advertising – do a Google search and some will come up.
  67. Walking or bike tours
    If you know your town or city well, then giving tours is a fun and interesting side hustle business idea. There are always tourists flocking to new places, who would love to be shown around by a local. There are even courses available for this.
  68. Event Planning
    As anyone who has ever organised a large event knows, it can be an incredibly stressful time. Which is why people hire event planners to help them out!
    If a friend or family member has an event coming up such as a wedding or big party, ask to help out to get some experience (and see if you would actually enjoy doing it) and then you can go from there!
  69. Singer
    Have a melodic voice? If you have a strong singing voice, you can hire yourself out for weddings or events and make a good amount of side income from it. Let your family and friends know that this is what you want to do, and I guarantee some of them will hire you (if you are good!). Yes, I do know someone who does this!
  70. Car Boot Seller
    I frequent car boot sales, and I always see the same faces – the people who are professional car boot sellers and are there every week.
    You can buy things second hand or brand new that are reduced – and sell on for profit. This will take a bit of time to get used to finding the bargains, but you can make a decent amount of money on the side for this.
    Most car boot sales are on the weekend so it’s quite a flexible job. Check out my article with an expert on this here.
  71. Childminding
    Are you a stay at home mum? This could be a perfect side business for you if you love looking after children and are flexible. Many parents want a childminder as opposed to a nursery, because they tend to be cheaper.
    You won’t get rich off of this, as you are only allowed a certain amount of children to look after, but it could be a lot of fun and enable you to stay at home with your children.
  72. Life Modelling
    Have you ever done a life modelling class? I have for a hen party, and it was brilliant! If you don’t mind people getting the giggles as you are stood naked, sign up to be a life model! It’s not just hen parties that they are used for, but art classes too.
    You can be any shape or size, it doesn’t matter. Check out ModelReg for more info.
  73. Butler In The Buff
    One for the gents to do! Have you heard of this? It’s basically a butler…in the buff. They have a small apron and they wait on you hand and food. If you are a good sport and have a nice physique, this could be one for you.
    We have had butlers in the buff on a hen do and they were great – they were soldiers doing it as a bit of side income.
    And yes, as always, I know someone who does this! Click through to their website and see if it is for you.
  74. Rubbish Clearance
    There are many, many people who are not able to get rid of their rubbish – perhaps they don’t have a car, or the time to do so. When I say rubbish, I mean things like old manky sofas and similar, that people take to the tip. If you set up a clearance business, all you need is a van and you can charge good money for it.
  75. Proofreader
    Another great side hustle business that you can set up with the potential to possibly go full time with in the future due to demand and great pay, is proofreading. There are lots of authors, bloggers, journalists etc who need their work to be proofread.
    No matter how many times you read and re-read your work, you will probably miss something, because you are the one who wrote it! Getting a proofreader in to check it is a common practice.
    If you are interested in being a proofreader, you can sign up on sites such as Upwork, Book in a Box, Domainite and more. There is a fab course called Proofread Anywhere that you can sign up for.
  76. Vlogger
    Vlogging is a more recent side hustle option, where you set up a Youtube channel and make money either through ads, affiliate links or promoting your own products.
    100 side hustle business ideas
  77. Business Coaching
    As I am fully in the blogging world, I see a lot of coaches who are doing their thang and are incredibly successful, even when they are just starting out. If you believe that you would be a good coach, this could be a viable side business for you.
  78. Exterior Decorating
    My ex-husband is a painter/decorator and whilst he does it as a full time job, this is definitely something that can be done on the side. He gets SO much work – whilst there is a lot of industrial businesses that he paints, there is a huge amount of residential properties that he paints too. Bottom line – people don’t like painting!
    Exterior decorating can be a much more lucrative income than interior painting, because there is a huge demand for it.
  79. Plastering
    Following on from painting above, plastering is something that most people will not attempt for themselves. My ex-husband has been learning this and practicing in family and friends houses, which he will then be able to do and charge a lot for in the future.
  80. Affiliate Marketing
    If you have a blog, this is a part that you can add that could potentially make you a lot of money. I have been making some affiliate sales through my blog (yay!) and hope to increase this in the future.
  81. Drop Shipping
    Know what drop shipping is? Chances are that you have heard this phrase banded around, but may not be sure what it refers to exactly!
    Drop shipping is basically where you cut out the middle man and print on demand. For example, say I am selling t-shirts on Shopify. If someone purchases one, they then get printed and then shipped out.
  82. Brand Ambassador
    This can be a small side job, or a full time role, depending on who it is for and what it entails. On the small scale, it could be that you have to wear the brand clothing and help at an event.
  83. Phone…Acting
    …if you know what I mean! I don’t have any personal experience doing this, but my fellow blogger Emma has tried it out for you, and shared her experiences here. Let me know if you decide to give it a go…
  84. Bartender
    One of the main jobs that people think of when earning extra money is bar-tending. I did this when I was about 18 in a really popular place, and loved it.
    I also did it when I worked abroad for a few months not long after. It’s great if you like socialising with people, and are good with busy places!
    You don’t need to just stick to one place, but can sign up to agencies to help out whenever someone needs you.
  85. Car Flipper
    Obviously a great side job if you are already a mechanic, but can also be if you know a cheap mechanic, or are handy yourself.
    Cars often go for very very cheap because people can’t afford to get them repaired, or were perhaps quoted a large fee when in reality there is something simple wrong with the car.
    Check out Gumtree, Facebook, Autotrader, eBay, police auctions and more.
  86. Facepainting
    This is something that will never go out of fashion – kids just love getting their face painted. If you are good at it – or willing to learn – you can set yourself up as an entertainer at kids parties.
  87. Sell kids clothes
    Set up a website, Etsy shop, Instagram and you are good to go. Find people to make your designs – you could sell knitted baby clothes for example and hire someone to knit them for you. This is becoming more and more popular.
  88. Flip websites
    Before I started blogging, I didn’t even realise that this was a thing. People buy websites, improve them, and then sell them on for profit. If you are good with websites in any way – such as designing, writing, marketing etc – then this could be something to look at. I haven’t used it myself, but check out Flippa.
  89. Audiobook Narrator
    How much fun does this sound?! We don’t all have to have voices like David Attenbourugh (my absolute favourite narrator!) to do this, but a clear, well spoken voice will do well.
  90. Teach English or other languages
    If you are a native English speaker, there is easy money to be paid helping people learn English. Before you dismiss this idea because you are not a teacher, know that there are sites available to earn money from where the just want to improve their conversational English.
    Basically, you can earn money from having a chat with someone! Have a look on iTalki and let me know how you get on.
  91. Cooking/Baking Courses or Workshops
    There are many people out there who will pay to be taught a skill such as baking or cooking. I have seen countless people do cupcake decorating classes, for example. Of course, this could go hand in hand with a food sale business.
    It doesn’t even need to be a haute cuisine meal that you are teaching, but could be simple cooking skills that are not generally taught to people.
  92. Transcriber
    Transcriptionists are very much in high demand, so there is a lot of work available, and the great thing is that it is flexible and is online work. Transcription is simply where you type up audio. There is a wealth of information over on Transcribe Anywhere.
  93. Bookkeeper
    Bookkeeping is part of the accounting process for businesses, whereby a bookkeeper records the financial transactions on a day to day basis.
    As defined on Wikipedia: ‘The bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring that all transactions whether it is cash transaction or credit transaction are recorded in the correct daybook, supplier’s ledger, customer ledger, and general ledger; an accountant can then create reports from the information concerning the financial transactions recorded by the bookkeeper.’
  94. Multi-level Marketing
    Multi-level marketing is a side business which comes under a lot of fire, and can have a lot of scams floating around. It refers to the direct selling of a product to earn a commission, and also earning additional money from recruiting new members.
    Examples of this that you may have heard of are Avon, Usborne Books, Younique and many, many more.
  95. Translator
    If you are fluent in more than one language, you could become an online translator. Gengo and VerbalizeIt are two companies that hire online translators.
  96. Web Designer/Developer
    Use your training to earn extra money on the side – there are billions (yes, billions!) of websites out there, with more and more being created every day. The demand is large, and you should be able to get a good stream of income going if you are good at it.
  97. Closed Captioner
    A captioner is a person who adds text to audio, such as subtitles on a TV programme to provide further information.
    This is one of the most common work at home jobs. You can look for work on sites such as Rev. You must be able to be an accurate and quick typist.
  98. Calligraphy Courses
    I remember seeing a calligraphy course on Instagram – she had people such as Lauren Conrad (if you used to watch The Hills you’ll know who I mean!) come over and did calligraphy parties. They looked like a really fun activity to do and could be done for a relaxed hen do.
  99. House Flipping
    We used to be fascinated by programmes where they flip houses – the speed was unbelievable! This is a business idea which requires a decent amount of research so that you do not lose out on any money. You will have to ensure that you get the house as cheap as possible, and plan out the materials and costs in advance. The great thing about house flipping is that if you do it right, you can make a huge profit on each one.
  100. Podcaster
    This was another business idea that I wasn’t as aware of before entering the blogging world. There are a lot of podcasts out there, and there are some which make millions, such as Entrepreneur on Fire.
    Again, starting a blog is a great launching pad for something like a podcast. This is definitely something that I would love to do in the future, watch this space!

Do you do any of these or would you like to do one of them?

100 Side Hustle Ideas To Pay Off Debt

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