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One of the things that I love to do, is to blog! I wish that I had started a lot sooner, because I had been thinking about it for a while but just hadn’t taken the plunge. I’m definitely of the opinion that if you think about doing something, you should just do it! If it goes wrong, so what? At least you had a try and know that you’ve given it a shot. When people come to the end of their life you will often find that they regret the things that they didn’t do.

I certainly don’t want to regret not doing things, not going for it, so when it came to the decision to start a blog I thought that I would just go for it! It’s such a small cost to get set up and therefore wouldn’t be that big a deal if it didn’t work out.

Blogging is so much fun, and there are millions of people who have blogs, so you wouldn’t exactly be alone in your blogging journey!

I love blogging because it is a creative outlet for me. I have always loved writing and reading, and I can have my introvert moments where I’m happy to stay in and write to my hearts content.

I really wish though that I had started it sooner into my journey because when you start writing about your chosen subject, you research more and this means that you find out way more than you would have without the blog! When I started blogging, I found out a ton more information and also found more personal finance blogs than I had known about.

Blogging is a great way of earning extra money on the side, and some people make 6 figures a year from doing it. There are many others who make a part or full time income off their blog – earning extra money on the side is definitely something that I will always recommend people do because you should never fully rely on one income in case something happens to it.

When you ask other personal finance bloggers one of the best things that they’ve done on their financial journey, many of them will say starting a blog. In the PF blogging world, you will find out more ways of earning extra on the side, you will make business contacts, friends, find out more ways of saving your money, investment advice, pension advice, you can end up changing your whole outlook on life…can you tell that I love personal finance bloggers?!

This is of course true for other blogging niches as well – a really popular one is parenting blogs – you can make friends (SO important when you are at home as a new mum), find out new parenting techniques, the best toys, get a bunch of free stuff from baby companies and more!

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and I am still obsessed with it, and recommend it to everyone. After 6 months of blogging and 12 months of blogging, I wrote posts detailing how much money I had made from the blog (and other side hustles) in those months. It is interesting to see the difference and also the difference in those months compared to others. Some months I get loads of affiliate commissions, some months I get hardly any.

I get a lot of questions about blogging, and as much as I love to answer all of the emails and messages that I get, I thought it would be more beneficial for me and for you, to set up a free email course guiding you through setting up a blog and some of my tips.

Starting a blog is one of those things that people really really want to do, but find a bunch of excuses to not get started. Things like “no-one would be interested in what I have to say”, “I’m not an expert in my chosen subject”, “I have no time”, I’m not technical” etc. Let me reassure you – everyone has these thoughts and concerns, but the successful ones are the ones that take a leap of faith and keep going.

I am not technical in the slightest, but I find it simple now to find my way around my blog, and although you won’t see me coding any time soon, it’s how I want it to be.

The blogging course that I have set up is a 7 day course, with an email coming to you everyday. I heavily advise you to open and complete (if there are actions) the emails on the day that you get them. Many of us sign up to things, put them off (thinking “I’ll just do it tomorrow!”) and they end up never getting done. Don’t put it off!

In the course I try and keep it simple as I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, but with some practical tips. We will cover:

  • Step-by-step guide on how to set up your blog
  • Help on guiding you round your new blog
  • The best plug-ins to get the most out of your blog (plug-ins are little add-ons that you can download onto the blog to make things easier)
  • My favourite blog themes (they are important!)
  • Getting started on social media (especially Pinterest)

Each of these steps should really help you when setting up your blog, and will make you feel less confused about the whole process. Whenever you start anything new, it can be a bit scary, so I hope that this will give you the assurance and support that you need.

In order to make sure that you receive these emails, add my blog email to your email list: – this will ensure that it doesn’t end up in the junk email box!

I truly hope that this will get your blog up and running – and you won’t regret it. You can make money from home doing something enjoyable – and many people have ended up quitting their jobs to blog full time. What sounds better than that?!

free blogging course