Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank


Sometimes it’s nice to show appreciation for our loved ones on the holidays throughout the year, although this is obviously not compulsory or for everyone. When I am on a really strict budget or struggling for money, I get a little bit worried about how I will pay for little gifts on thphoto-3e holidays. Below are some budget ideas for Father’s Day for the man in your life!

Printable in a Frame
This is what I have got for my husband for Father’s Day this year from my daughter. We printed off a free printable, and I bought a black frame for £2. I’m pretty pleased with this present! Check my Pinterest page for the printable link and other Father’s Day gift ideas.



Bake a cake

A cake will always be well received, and as you can decorate it any way that you wish, it can have a personalised touch depending on what your Dad likes. Even a simple Victoria sponge cake still shows that you have made the effort, which is what is important. If you make it with your children, their Dad will definitely appreciate the effort! Not to mention your little ones will love baking it.

Cookies are another food gift which are generally well loved. Another one which kids can help with, and can be decorated in any way that you like. If you stack them up on top of each other, then wrap with cellophane and tie with a ribbon, this is a really nice present. I did this one Christmas for my in laws with white chocolate and cranberries. They looked great!

Gingerbread Men
Another simple recipe that can be made with your children. They could have a lot of fun icing the gingerbread men (and ladies, and children) to make it look like their family. Not to mention gingerbread men are delicious!

Personalised Gift
Snapfish (affiliate link) have a great range of personalised key-rings, mugs, photo books, coasters, cards, cushions and more. I bought my husband a personalised key-ring with a photo of our daughter on it a few years ago for Father’s Day.

Museum Trip
A lot of museums have free entry, and this could be a nice family day out for your Father, or husband. If you baked an edible gift like the suggestions above, you could take these with you to munch on the way round!

Gift Basket
Get a basket and fill with little bits that your Dad will love. It could be anything that you wish – you could do a gift basket with various toiletries for men, or some of his favourite snacks.
This could be as cheap or expensive as you wish.

Does your man love gardening? You could get so many different plants, maybe even a more exotic one like an orange tree. The pot could also be personalised with paint and decorations.

DIY Shaving Cream
I love this idea, because you can tailor it to suit your husband/dad and it looks really thoughtful. Get a really nice jar to put it in and it will look great!

Kids Questionnaire
Another great free printable, print this out and get your kids to fill in to say how much they love their Daddy and the reasons why. I’ve printed one off for my daughter to fill in. So cute. Check my Pinterest page for this free printable too.

Does anyone else have any other budget Father’s Day gift ideas? 

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