When looking for a house, you’re likely going to feel excited about what the future might hold. No matter if you’re moving to settle down, to move somewhere a little nicer, or for a new opportunity, this can signify the start of your new life and a chance to define yourself anew. But of course, none of this opportunity comes without us first having to pay our dues.

In this case, paying our dues comes from the tasks we must complete before we can successfully gain the deed to a property. Paying dues also means quite literally paying to the extent you agree upon with the current homeowner of your chosen property. But of course, those are hardly the only charges you need to consider when considering your budget from top to bottom.

Understanding what charges to look out for when house hunting can take you a long way, and potentially help you avoid getting yourself too deeply into financial bonding when overshooting for something out of your price range. For that reason, we hope that the following advice helps you enjoy a more reasonable house search:

Land Tax

Land tax and stamp duty are necessary to pay depending on the house price and zoning category of the property you hope to purchase. It can sometimes grow into the thousands of pounds, but will often be much different from property to property, so be sure to take into account why this might be and better your financial planning. The last thing you want to experience is putting a household offer in only to realize that with this added duty, you cannot afford the home as you might have, or that your renovating budget is completely stamped out. In some cases you can gain a loan to help you cover this final amount, so it’s best to do your research diligently. Use this excellent land tax calculator to help you on your way.

Personal Costs

Consider that your house hunt takes you two months. In that time, you’ve checked out four local towns to where you hope to live. If nearby, you may only need to factor in the cost of fuel, weekends you could have spent in overtime, or whatever ‘day out’ costs are involved. In other words, they’ll likely be minimal. But what if you wish to look abroad? Many miles away? It could be that you’ll need to book full vacations to head over there and check, perhaps many times as you liaise with the local housing authority there, or stay in a hotel for a couple of days to see everything. Personal costs, even if not strictly heading abroad, can add up over time, so be sure to factor them in as part of your entire budget.

House Inspections

It’s very, very important to consider the fee of an inspector when hoping to verify a homeowner’s claims that the house is what they say it is. These fees can sometimes grow depending on the multitude of checks they must conduct, and how long it takes for them to do so. This is an essential part of house hunting, so be sure to approximate the cost ahead of time.

With these tips, you’re sure to enjoy the house hunting process.

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