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How To Create a Bare Bones Budget

bare bones budget

When things aren’t going that great and money is really tight, it may be time to go to a bare bones budget.

A bare bones budget is when you cut your budget down to the essentials that you need to live on and cut out everything else.

I know this doesn’t sound like the most fun thing ever, but if you’ve got to do it, then you’ve got to do it!

Even if you don’t need to do this right now, it’s still a good idea to have awareness over the bare bones budget amounts just in case for the future.

I have personally lived on a tiny income and although it was a massive struggle, budgeting my money helped me stay focused and made sure that everything was paid for.

Luckily I fought myself out of that tight spot (it took a while, but I got there!) and am in a much better place now. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you how to create a bare bones budget.

Ready? Let’s get started: (more…)

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