10 Tips For Selling at Car Boot Sales


Have you ever looked around your house and thought wow, I have a ton of garbage here?! Well you are not alone. One of the best ways of getting rid of the aforementioned ‘garbage’ is a car boot sale. Even when you think you may not actually have anything you could sell, when you start going through your things you can find clothes to get rid of, kitchen appliances, kids clothes and toys. Have any of you got attics or garages full of things?

Don’t forget that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure.

There are LOADS of car boot sales going on every weekend, some are better than others so it’s worth checking them out first before just turning up at one. The best ones are obviously the busiest ones – the more foot traffic – the more people who will buy your things. It’s worth noting though that people will not want spend a lot of money at car boot sales, they are there for the bargain so don’t take really expensive items that you want to get a lot of money for – they are best sold on sites like eBay or Gumtree.

Some car boot tips I have are:

  • When going through your things beforehand, be REALLY vigilant with what you can get rid of. It’s easy to place emotional attachments on things or think that you’ll use it one day.
  • Check out your local car boots before to see which are the most popular. I am lucky to have one down the road from me which is really busy every week.
  • Organise all of your items beforehand. Use cardboard boxes, carrier bags to separate items. This is especially important for kids clothing in various sizes.
  • Work out prices beforehand. Be prepared that 9 times out of 10 people will want to haggle with you. So if you bump your price up by a little bit, and they haggle you down to the price you are happy with, you both leave feeling happy.
  • Rope someone in with you to give you a hand. Not only is it much nicer to have a friend with you there, but it’s handy to have someone keep an eye on the stall, let you have a walk around, go to the toilet etc.
  • Take a table with you. Very important for laying your items out – most people use a wallpaper pasting table from what I’ve seen. Also a blanket to lay on the ground for any items you put there.
  • Take food and drink with you. You can be out there for hours so it’s handy to have some drinks and snacks in your car.
  • Carrier bags. You will most definitely be asked for a carrier bag to put the items the sellers have bought off you in. Take lots!
  • Keep the more expensive items inside the car until you have got the rest of the stuff out. That way you can keep an eye on it so no-one can swipe it when your back is turned! This is also an advantage of having a friend go with you. Keep it further back on the table when you have put it out as well.
  • Take a decent float with you. Lots and lots of change – you will probably get at least one person pay you with a £20 note for a 50p item! Keep this in a safe place on your person.

Has anyone else done a car boot sale before or want to do one? I’ve done loads in the past and did one today – I made £86! Really happy with that as it will go on a debt repayment, all from things that I don’t need, with the added bonus of de-cluttering the house and garage. So a really happy and positive day – I got to make some money to pay off debt and spend it with one of my lovely friends too.
I went to the opticians after for a check-up and she asked if I was alright because I looked a little flushed – nope just sunburnt from the car boot sale – forgot to put suncream on! Annoyingly someone stole a poster that we were selling, I thought we were doing a good job at keeping an eye on everything but it must have been when we first got there as we were absolutely swamped with people.

how to sell at car boot sales